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Computer Programmer

They are certainly essentially the most evil-tempered of all creatures; to say they’re sensitive is a harmful understatement. “Sour as a grue” is a typical expression, even among themselves. To stop functioning. Of individuals, to go house and go to sleep.

Finally, observe that gophers dig long tunnels, and the idea of tunneling by way of the web to find data was a defining metaphor for the builders. Probably all three issues have been true, however with the primary two coming first and the gopher-tunnel metaphor serendipitously adding flavor and impetus to the project as it developed out of its idea stage. A sort of Internet service first floated around 1991 and obsolesced around 1995 by the World Wide Web. Gopher presents a menuing interface to a tree or graph of links; the hyperlinks may be to documents, runnable programs, or different gopher menus arbitrarily far across the web.

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[Unix/C] To force buffered I/O to disk, as with an fflush call. This isn’t teco zap cap reviews an abort or deletion as in sense 1, however a demand for early completion!

Implementations of the LISP language often use garbage assortment. [from LISP terminology; `Garbage Collect’] 1. To clean up and throw away ineffective issues. “I suppose I’ll GC the top of my desk at present.” When stated of recordsdata, this is equivalent to GFR.

[contraction of `Gosling EMACS’] The first EMACS-in-C implementation, predating but now largely eclipsed by GNUMACS. Originally freeware; a commercial model is now modestly in style as `UniPress EMACS’. The author, James Gosling, went on to invent NeWS and the programming language Java; the latter earned him demigod standing. The unknown ur-noun, fill in your individual %keywords% that means. Found esp. on the Usenet newsgroup alt.gorets, which seems to be a operating contest to redefine the word by implication in the funniest and most peculiar method, with the understanding that no definition is ever last.

  • The intent was to be able to promote the hackers’ ways of doing software to business and the mainstream by avoid the negative connotations (to suits) of the term “free software”.
  • Also typically used to describe what communications people name `shift characters’, such because the ESC that leads control sequences for a lot of terminals, or the level shift indicators within the old 5-bit Baudot codes.
  • [common; also adj. `open-supply’] Term coined in March 1998 following the Mozilla release to describe software program distributed in source beneath licenses guaranteeing anybody rights to freely use, modify, and redistribute, the code.
  • Compare hidden flag, green bytes, fence.
  • In personal communication, using strategies other than e-mail, corresponding to telephones or snail-mail.
  • Many C features, for instance, return a nonnegative integral worth, however indicate failure with an out-of-band return worth of -1.

It’s too easy to idealize away some important aspect of the true world in developing the `equipment’. One such technique entails periodically scanning all the info in memory and determining what is not accessible; ineffective knowledge items are then discarded in order that the memory they occupy could be recycled and used for an additional purpose.

[common] To delete something, usually superfluous, or to abort an operation. “All that nonsense has been flushed.” 2.

Hacker Speech Style

This usage expresses the connotation that the RTM crack was a type of devastating watershed occasion in hacker historical past; definitely it did extra to make non-hackers nervous in regards to the Internet than anything earlier than or since. A hack, invention, or saying as a result of elder days arch-hacker R. William (Bill) Gosper. This notion deserves its personal time period because there are so many of them. Many of the entries in HAKMEM are Gosperisms; see also life.

[from Japan’s nationwide hero] 1. A community packet that in concept is a broadcast to each machine in the universe. The typical case is an IP datagram whose vacation teco zap cap reviews spot IP tackle is []. Fortunately, few gateways are foolish enough to try to implement this case!

To recycle, reclaim, or put to another use. An instantiation of the garbage collector process. Equivalent to choke, however connotes extra %keywords% disgust. “Hey, that is FORTRAN code. No wonder the C compiler gagged.” See additionally barf.

Hacker Folklore

Compare super supply quench, Christmas tree packet, martian. [Unix; frequent] To briefly enter root mode in order to perform a privileged operation. This use is deprecated in Australia, the place v. `root’ is a synonym for “fuck”. Generic time period for any interface logic or protocol that connects two component blocks. For instance, Blue Glue is IBM’s SNA protocol, and hardware designers call anything used to attach large VLSI’s or circuit blocks `glue logic’.

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